Jacky Ickx weekend!
Jacky Ickx, talking with his manager in the pits. He is seated in the Williams FW05 which he drove in the 1976 Formula One season.

“Once I had made the decision to come back, the rest was easy.” - Niki Lauda´s comeback in McLaren

Ferrari F40 - Montlhéry - 1995

Suzuka - 1990

Can we just appreciate how great both of their starts must have been? They’re a good 4 car lengths ahead of their teammates and another 2 ahead of the rest of the pack.

Ayrton Senna tries out for an Athena poster, circa 1988.
Note the plastic digital watch with buttons - these, and watches like them, had a calculator and a TV remote function, causing them to be banned from my primary school.
Most important lockup of 2014?